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Dropshipping is essentially a business model where eCommerce businesses don’t need to store inventory, pack the products or ship the consignment. The online store owners neither see/touch the products nor deliver the products in the dropshipping model. Further, they only ‘buy’ the products when their customers pay the money. A dropshipper does all these tasks on behalf of the eCommerce business. There is hardly any concern on fulfilment and inventory carrying cost, no matter where you are based.

If you take the dropshipping Mexico background, you have the finest dropshipper to meet your customer needs. We present you with a fully automated dropshipping platform where you can source products and sell them on your eCommerce website or online marketplace with ease.

As an online retailer, no wonder you might doubt if any issues may arise while selecting the dropshipping business model as a fulfilment option. But when you partner with AICart, leave your concerns to us. We carefully source the supplies from verified suppliers and give utmost priority to the quality of products. However, there are many hidden yet visible challenges every dropshipper faces. Read on to find some dropshipping challenges online retailers face and how they can tackle these most prominent issues in managing their online store business by choosing to partner with a trustworthy dropshipping company.

1. Finding a Dropshipping Supplier

The first and foremost thing an online seller would think about is vendor sourcing before launching the online store or starting marketplace (multichannel) selling. One of the most significant problems is that there is no way to see the products physically, to check their quality under usual circumstances. Typically, one can access the picture to know how they appear and what functions a particular product can perform. Unless it gets sourced from a reliable dropshipping supplier, there may be issues relating to product quality. However, at aicart.eu, we source from the most trustworthy suppliers around the world. We have an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers for ensuring the availability of stock all the time. Our inventory management software continuously updates product stock to maintain error-free inventory levels and prevent overselling while helping retailers avoid penalisation, especially while selling on an online marketplace

2. Supplier Reliability

While an online retailer chooses to dropship products, there is another concern about the reliability of suppliers. Also, he has to ensure that the business transactions are genuine and transparent. The dropshipper has to comply with the rules and regulations within the country of registration. Also, he has to adhere to the standards of the country to which he ships the products. For example, at aicart.eu, for sending products from Romania to Mexico, we have to comply with the rules in Romania, along with the dropshipping Mexico standards, to make the transaction valid under the law. Of course, it has legal binding, but apart from this reason, it also helps customers to gain confidence in the products and services sold. There should be complete compliance in terms of legal requirements cited by both countries to make the contract legally valid.

3. Business Scalability

Growth is inevitable for any business when everything works perfectly for its operations. Hence an online business receives more sales per day; they have to scale up the functions. Therefore, the real problem starts when the dropshipping supplier cannot support the need of handling more orders per day. Retailers have to make sure that their dropshipping partners can handle the surge in orders received from their customers. If this should not pose a pain point for retailers, finding a reliable drop shipper partner would be the only way out. At aicart.eu, we have automated order processing, where several software applications and tools work together to synchronise data for providing real-time updates. Right from order processing to delivery at the customer location, we get everything covered, regardless of the burgeoning orders. We have the resources and tools to keep fulfilling retailers’ ever-increasing business needs.


Retailers have to confront many challenges while they select dropshippers. Apart from selling goods without holding inventory, the ability to generate sufficiently good profits, helping to save a lot of money, time and efforts make dropshipping the most sought-after fulfilment model by online retail sellers. Finding the right dropshipping supplier is the key. A reliable supplier who offers scalability with prompt delivery is at the retail business’ disposal; there would be hardly any issues. If you are an online store owner who wants to partner with the leading dropshipping Mexico company to source products, explore aicart.eu for accessing the unique range of its services. Indeed, it facilitates the growth of your business, irrespective of the channels you choose to sell products.