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Dropshipping mode of fulfilment offers many benefits for eCommerce stores and their customers. There are many ways online store owners can make this fulfilment business model work better. One such practice is dropshipping with custom packaging, which helps create identity and branding for eCommerce stores. Any merchant can adopt custom packaging, regardless of whether they are new to the business or experienced. Also, no matter if they rely on dropshippers from any part of the world. For example, we categorise suppliers based on their location, such as dropshipping France, suppliers from the UK, Australia, USA and so on, for, it brings immense benefits for branding your store. It helps eCommerce store owners to create an impression that you are selling their brands. If we go by customer experience, they believe that the products come from your brand rather than the supplier. Before moving on to the benefits of custom packaging, let’s explain a bit about custom packaging.

What is custom packaging for dropshipping?

Custom packaging is all about selecting your own packages for shipping products to customer locations based on the size, weight and shape of the products under consideration. Besides, it accounts for the design as well as the style of the product. Custom packaging helps deliver an overall positive experience to customers, irrespective of the products they order from your online store/marketplace. Arriving at the perfect packaging for a product can be tedious if done manually. It unravels another aspect of packaging. It is artificial intelligence (AI) optimised intelligent packaging automation implemented in futuristic warehouses. It saves more time and providing a personalised experience for customers. A perfect, customised packaging can make a difference when you want to sell more products. And being the online store owner, you realise the significance of using custom packaging and, no one can do it perfectly other than you.  

Advantages of Custom Packaging

As we have discussed above, custom packaging helps create a brand appeal among customers. Let’s see in detail the added benefits of dropshipping with custom packaging

1. Helps in Custom Branding

Custom made packaging boxes talks a lot about your business. Before designing packages, make sure that you have a clear understanding of your brand and its values. It would help you design packages effortlessly. The colours and the logo depict the identity of your brand and differentiate you from your competitors. Custom packaging is all about differentiating your brand from others. One of the easiest ways is to stamp your logo on packaging, thereby improving brand awareness. Creating brand identity through brand recognition is one of the most vital needs for any business including, online retailing. You can start with printing and stamping your logo on packages and choosing appealing colours that resonate with the identity of your business to improve brand awareness. 

2. Fits your Products Perfectly

Though custom branding relies on the business logo, colours, design packing materials and so on, you should not forget about the purpose. The package should hold your products snuggly. Custom packaging allows resellers to design them in such a way that that the products fit snuggly inside. Once again, AI-optimised packaging helps such situations a lot. It would help resellers design customised packages based on the size, weight and dimensions of the products. It has another hidden advantage as well. If you use packets that are too large, in cases where you do not need them, it increases the delivery rates considerably. When package size fits the product size, no customer gets burdened with an unnecessary increase in shipping charges. Under AI-optimised custom packaging, online stores get the packages designed based on the exact measurements of the products.

3. Ideal for Fragile Products

It is undeniable that the riskiest part of shipping is the dispatch and delivery of delicate and fragile goods. If your eCommerce store or marketplace platform sells fragile items such as porcelain decorative items, coffee mugs, glass painting and thousands of other fragile items, you should consider custom packaging. Under such instances, you cannot often necessarily rely on conventional packaging methods. For the benefit of your customers and your own, it is always wise to depend on custom packaging for ensuring the smooth, safe transit of fragile products. You can use any filling materials you think are the best for keeping the products safe during transit. The most vital part in custom packing for fragile products is that you have the best option while transporting the most vulnerable products, that you never need to compromise on their safety. Eventually, it would bring customer satisfaction as well. 

4. Saves Large Amounts of Money

Custom Packaging is not just associated with customer satisfaction. As said in the opening paragraph of this article, custom packaging help online store owners save a lot of money. When you cannot come up with good packaging, it would either affect the quality of products during transit or; you may end up charging customers more (especially when your packages are large than the products inside). Therefore, finding packages that properly fits the products is a real challenge. An AI-optimised custom packing provides the solution for this challenge faced by resellers.

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