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There is very tough competition between online retailers as to finding the most appropriate order fulfilment process. Of course, the eCommerce platform, the tools and the software help retailers who are in constant search of improving customer experience, but the efficiency in the fulfilment process makes them stand apart from other similar online stores. The eCommerce marketplace giants like Amazon and eBay lead from the top and, they make fulfilment at lighting fast speed facilitating deliveries even within hours of order placement.

It has resulted in other retailers pondering about viable options in shipping to make deliveries asap and minimise shipping times. But how does this be possible? If you are an online retailer, many times, you might have confronted this question. Yes, it is possible. It’s a no brainer. There is only one fulfilment solution that keeps you out of the competition and helps in reducing costs and shipping time. Enter dropshipping. To adhere to consumer demands and mitigate retailer competition, dropshipping type of fulfilment always prove good. If you are searching for dropshipping India suppliers, you have come to the right place. We shall help you find some reliable dropship suppliers to help fulfil your online orders.

Further, you can enjoy the extra peace of mind, where you relieve yourself from the unnecessary expenses incurred in the warehouse for holding the inventory of products. Indeed, you do not need to own or rent a warehouse facility when you depend on a reliable dropshipper who can ship products as and when your customer makes an order from your online store. You send them products via your dropshipping partner and receive a markup for the sales, while your customer receives their products on time. It is worth relying on to reduce customer churn rate as well.

You hand over the responsibility of shipping to your dropshipping partner, who holds the inventory while you receive the updates on the inventory status on your online store. Further, you never run out of stock or, there is no chance of providing wrong updates because as soon as the dropshippers inventory gets updated, it will reflect in your store simultaneously. Several predictions say that dropshipping business model would become the most sought-after fulfilment method as more and more retailers find it very convenient. It can reduce the delivery period and satisfies the customers who are mindful of the delivery time.

An online reseller has to look for many things beforehand while considering dropshipping fulfilment model. To make things clear, let’s dive deep into this, to keep any reluctance or uncertainty away.

1. Reduces Financial Burden

On the plus side, it makes retailers start their business in simple terms in a few steps with a much reduced financial burden. Therefore, the risk of dropshipping products for an online store is low compared to other types of fulfilment models. Top of all, you will be rewarded with increased sales and more loyal customers. Also, make sure that you have an infallible retail management system to support and streamline your sales. Research in this field reinforces that more than three-fourth of the retailers say dropshipping has made them earn a substantial increase in revenue. The increased customer base and the minimal cost of selling products online without holding inventory offer additional benefits. Also, it reveals that the manufacturers/ dropshipping suppliers also benefit from the dropship fulfilment model that the retailers at the other end are willing to work out smaller profit margins.

2. Maintains Store Space Sensibly

When you do business, you understand the significance of conserving floor space judiciously. Indeed, the price range varies between different locations. However, as a business owner/ retailer, you do not need to carry the trouble when a business can run without investing in a storage facility. Dropshipping is fundamentally a fulfilment model that empowers retailers, physical store owners to run their stores online while helping them save huge in storage expenses. Besides, they do not need to avail of warehouses for storing products. It is one of the most convincing reasons for adopting dropshipping in the retail business. It is also possible for retailers to carry out business from any location and ensure information accessibility in real-time with customers and dropshipping suppliers. Rewarding themselves with more sales and increased revenue while helping to keep inventory storage expenses at zero gives retailers more freedom and control over their eCommerce business.

3. Substantial Savings in Time

As opposed to the conventional system, where retailers often have to invest heavily in a warehouse or a physical facility in advance before launching their business, dropshipping gives the extra convenience that they can start selling products in the first place. Once the customer places an order, it gets automatically send to the dropship supplier and, retailers can earn markup on the sales made and, the supplier receives the payment from the customers directly. One of the tangible advantages of dropshipping is that it eliminates the indirect expenses while helping retailers open an online store and sell products ASAP. The dropshipper updates inventory handles shipping to the customer directly. The retailers can view the information from their dashboard by integrating their system with that of dropshippers. Therefore, the product inventory gets updated on the website of dropshipper and retailer simultaneously. As a result, customers get the information in real-time regarding products available for sale or out of stock.

4. Minimises Shipping Mistakes

When retailers resort to dropshipping, a product gets send directly to customers. If an online store carries out shipping, the chances of errors would be high, as studies in this field point out. In other words, when the dropship supplier sends products directly to the customer, the likelihood of shipping errors gets reduced to a great extent. When retailers were responsible for shipping, many instances indicate that the return per cent was very high due to error from their side. Considering this fact, it is always wise to rely on the dropshipping platform as it is less prone to shipping errors and, it can prevent product returns caused due to any mistakes from the side of retailers. Also, retailers can reduce the shipping errors and the subsequent burden of costs and focus on increasing the margins.


Finding a dropshipping supplier is the key if an online retailer wants to reduce overhead costs and increase revenue. Further, it provides more freedom while at the same time exercising control over the selling process. Selling products without holding inventory and handing over shipping jobs to dropship suppliers make retailers focus on the core functions of the business, particularly on marketing and sales aspects. If you want dropshipping India suppliers for fulfilling orders from your online store, you don’t need to search for too long. Set up your online store/marketplaceor B2B reselling on AICart and enjoy absolute peace of mind.

We let you access hundreds of thousands of dropshippers so that you can start your online retail business anywhere from India and find dropship suppliers through the AICart platform to send products directly to your customers; without fail. You can access thousands of product catalogues and import products to your online store or marketplace and make order processing and shipping. Also, get the custom LIVE delivery costs so that your customers receive the cheapest delivery costs that AICart automatically checks with a wide range of reputable couriers at the same time.

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