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As we have already discussed the fundamental aspects regarding dropshipping, we shall pass on to the next big question asked by every prospective online retailer. Dropshipping in the US was popular before the digital age. If you are an eCommerce store owner from the US, the significance of finding a trusted dropshipping US platform or a dropshipping supplier from your country is a must. Often, a dropshipper’s efficiency gets measured by exceptional customer service through his ability to ship quickly.

How to find a genuine dropshipping US platform/supplier in your country?

The success dropshipping fulfilment model depends on the supplier’s efficiency to meet orders. For this reason, choosing the right dropshipping supplier is of utmost significance for establishing an online store business. Since a dropshipper is sending goods on behalf of the business brand to its customers, any breach in delivery time would impact the business brand. The foremost and fundamental step is to find a trustworthy dropshipping US platform or a dropship partner. Make sure that such a partner can help integrate your eCommerce business for order processing and streamline fast delivery. Alternatively, ensure that they rely on sophisticated technology to act precisely for meeting delivery schedules for the benefit of the loyal customers.

An online store owner has to select a dropshipper who strictly adheres to the order fulfilment strategies. Consider the minimum number of orders required, fees, industry knowledge, lead time and support staff. Also, ensure that the dropshipping business shows no reluctance in communicating all aspects, including any issues that are likely to encounter during the entire delivery process.

Knowing what is best for the business and customers is crucial while finding a dropship supplier. Let’s dive deep into the factors that play a vital role in selecting a dropshipping partner.

1. Experience Matters

An experienced dropshipper who knows precisely the challenges of drop shipping always help, as they can manage order delivery needs much efficiently. Further, such experienced dropshippers have already proved their worth in terms of adherence to compliance rules. The transparency factor also counts, and this is one area where dropshippers with experience go one step ahead of newbies. Always make sure that the dropshipper has excellent support staff and a coherent team to keep everything ideal for the retailer business.

2. Technological Capabilities

Make sure that your dropshipper embrace technology. In a field where several processes have to be implemented all at once, manual labour has its limitations. Here, the adoption of technology wards off many challenges in dropshipping to avoid any discrepancies. Many advanced delivery management software applications, complex algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) help make proactive decisions that can save your business and enhance customer satisfaction. Besides, if an online retailer plans to scale operations, only a dropshipper who uses state-of-the-art technology can accommodate such needs. The parting of the ways in the middle of the partnership because the dropshipping supplier is not technology-oriented or cannot accommodate the business demands lead to a bad experience.

3. Product Quality

A high level of customer satisfaction is directly related to high-quality products. For a retailer, it ensures lower returns rates and reduced customer churn. Hence, a dropshipper who is experienced and reliable is the best bet for online store retailers if customer service and customer experience during delivery is a priority. The dropshipping supplier is the touchpoint for a business brand, and therefore, finding the right partner for product delivery assumes great importance. Your business needs to explore another online marketplace; indeed, customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in keeping your brand alive online. An online store retailer’s dropshipping partner has a significant role in promoting the business commitments.

4. Promptness in Product Delivery 

Find a supplier who can dropship products as per the customer requests. Customers are very particular about their order delivery. To wait for product delivery is the last thing they want. They insist products should reach their location as soon as possible. Hence, a dropshipper who can ship products within one to two days can make an online store retailer’s customers contented. Besides, happy customers visit again and make repeat purchases as well. One sure-fire way to retain customers is to team up with a dropshipper who sticks to the delivery times. Before an online store owner selects a dropshipping partner, it would be wise to place test orders to check if the shipping process goes flawlessly.

The Bottomline

As an online store business owner in the US, ensure that you can avail yourself of the services from experienced and reliable dropshipping US suppliers. Retailers can integrate online stores while seamlessly monitoring the order process. On aicart.eu, we have complete control over the delivery process; with the help of advanced software, algorithms and, AI to implement the intricate delivery process. Give us a call or get in touch with us through email to know more about AICart, one of the most advanced platforms for eCommerce and dropshipping on any market.