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We are all aware that good customer service serves customers before and after-sales. Further, one of the highest goals of any business is buyer satisfaction. You might have noticed that how word-of-mouth publicity can make or break your dropshipping business. User satisfaction is not a trivial thing. It has implications, irrespective of where your business is based – Canada, Australia or the UK. For instance, you run dropshipping Canada business, to deliver the best customer service, you require some extra investment in resources, which certainly is worth paying if you want to improve your customer service for dropshipping. Indeed, you have to put in the efforts as well. Such investments bring the best for your business and, the result would be overwhelmingly impressive. You earn more customers with the help of your existing customers and, what’s more, you can positively reinforce the relationship with the already existing customers. 

Why is customer service for dropshipping business crucial?

Customer service is vital for every business; it assumes utmost significance in dropshipping business as well. It should be visible in all realms of your business and resonates with all types of customers, irrespective of their status- prospective, new and existing ones. Research in this field shows that about three-fourth of the customers would leave if the customer service is not sufficiently good. Who else want to lose customers like this way? Staying on top of customer needs and making all efforts to better the experience customers receive is the key to grow any dropshipping business. It helps win customer loyalty as customers experience that they are heard every time by the brand. As a result, it gets reflected in your dropshipping business in the form of more sales and revenue. Undoubtedly, happy customers are one of the most effective organic marketing tools. A single happy customer can boost sales with their testimonials and positive reviews. The most important highlight is that such testimonials from your users have more reach than other marketing tools.

Often, terrible customer support can lead to the failure of dropshipping online stores. There is the wrong apprehension that dropshipping ends with the dispatching of products. In fact, as a dropshipper, you have to be in constant touch with the customer, replying and addressing customer queries up to the point they get fully contented with the product. 

Let us look into the factors that directly affect user satisfaction while you run dropshipping online store.

1. Set Customer Service Standards

Create customer service standards that encompass the tasks and the challenges faced by the dropshipping supplier while defining what the customers can expect from the business. Indeed, a company creates customer service standards for meeting customer needs. It is not about setting the standards, but the dropshipper has to adhere to service standards. Always make sure that you keep the priority of customers on top while creating customer service standards.

2. Connect with Your Customers

Allow your customers to connect with, because they expect you to be available when they need your support. Let them reach out through live chat, email support or social media platforms. When you have live chat support on your dropship online store, it is easy to be available 24/7, even after office hours and, you would be able to create tickets for customers for resolving any issues. If you provide more than one option on customer support, the benefits you receive are double folded. Further, being available 24/7 through different media helps customers develop trust and confidence in your business. It strengthens the relationship with customers and sends them a strong signal that you value customers the most.

3. Use CRM Software 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is one of the essential tools in managing and organising customer relationships from a single place. All your customer data would be safe and secure and, you do not need to update it manually every time. It comes with a broad repertoire of software applications that deals with data collection, marketing, customer support, feedback and many more. CRM software allows every member of your customer support team to get updated with each event in real-time. Besides, the customer emails get converted to tickets to address the problems without delay. The collection of data and feedback would help understand the efficacy of the team response and serve as a means for fixing any issues arising in future. 

4. Maintain an FAQ page

Your dropship online store and marketplace work 24/7 and, so do your customer service support. Even though customers expect you to be available at any time, day or night, it is always wise to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. The customers can take cues from the facts explained to help resolve issues or understand any situation concerning your dropshipping business. Make sure that such a page is organised neatly under each section based on the general conduct of your business. For example, you can dedicate a section for explaining how your business works, another segment to mention how an exclusive feature helps customers, the technologies used, costs and all the general information a customer would want to know while arriving on your website. Arranging under each section would help customers to find a particular fact they look for, very conveniently.


You know everything about dropshipping Canada business, but fail to keep your customers happy, the growth rate would be slow, no matter your efficiency in running the business. You have realised the power of selling quality products to entice customers and earn more sales. That is a means to move towards your business goals but watch how your business grows 10x or 50x faster with 24/7 customer support. Retailers who search for a dropship online store can try our AI-backed platform on AICart. With endless features such as seamless customer service, top quality products and fast shipping, apart from the exclusive highlights such as OptimPack, Live Courier and Stockless modules that you cannot access on any other online store/marketplace. All three features help reduce shipping costs and keep the burden of costs away from customers. You can access several product catalogues from several suppliers worldwide who are selling quality products while we ship customer orders fast with the help of automated AI-powered logistics management. 

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