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A ridiculously Simple Way to Sell Products Online Without Holding Inventory

Perhaps, there might be several ways in which you can sell online. But this simple, secure method would blow your mind if you are looking for the best alternative to sell products online without keeping inventory. It is nothing but the dropshipping business model, a retail fulfilment method where you can start selling online without actually handling or purchasing the products in advance. You neither need to buy nor hold the products you sell through the online store. Instead, you find a reliable dropshipper partner who undertakes the tasks of shipping directly to the customer on your behalf while you earn a decent markup. We will start with its benefits and later move on to the details of how an online reseller can sell products online by making use of dropshipping and free themselves from shipping but implements it responsibly with the help of a trustworthy dropshipping partner.

The most notable advantage of relying on a dropshipping partner is that the online resellers can save on initial investments. If we take any country, for example, the scenario in dropshipping Spain, the resellers do not need to set up big warehouses or rent a facility to hold the inventory. Anyone can start their online store and sell products to customers in several nations across seven continents. Irrespective of the products you want to sell, it’s available with the dropshippers. All you need is to import them with just the click of a button to your online store/website and marketplace with zero investment in inventory or associated expenses. It’s as simple as that! It requires only a small startup cost and the money to run your online ads when you sell products online. Indeed, resellers can rule out the expense of buying or renting out a warehouse facility as well.

Therefore, in dropshipping business model, the online reseller markets products and accepts orders. Later, a dropshipping supplier or manufacturer fulfils the order by shipping them to customers directly. The products are owned, stored and supplied by the dropshipper and the dropshipping partners are either manufacturers or wholesalers. This business model is very much ideal for small online retailers who want to test certain products, markets or those eCommerce merchants who think investment in a warehouse and its workforce is an unnecessary expense. The advantage is that you, an online store owner, is the middlemen and, the buyers make payment through the merchant’s platform site while you earn a profit on each sale made.

How to Make Profits by Setting up Your Online Store on AICart?

AICart is the most advanced online store platform made for both B2C and B2C eCommerce models or on a dropshipping system or as a visible or hidden marketplace platform, where multiple vendors sell products. There are several online platforms available, but AICart offers every feature of competing platforms but, certain functionalities are available in it only. You get absolute freedom and a great degree of control over standard online business platforms. It is not just defined by the Buy Now button. It is more than buying products as it facilitates integrating every process right after the customers leave the checks out page. Each process starting from order processing until their receipt gets validated and implemented through automated software applications.

The Concept of Dropshipping- Simplified and Revamped on AICart

At AICart, we have reinvented the age-old system of dropshipping with iDropship, the only dropshipping platform in Romania. On AICart, it takes the form of StockLess. A very simplified concept, helping anyone to start an online business from anywhere, without holding any inventory of products or relying on any dropshipper. On the AICart platform, any suppliers can be converted to a dropshipper automatically while implementing sales through the Stockless concept.

OptimPack, Live Courier and StockLess

It does not matter if your supplier cannot dropship or offer products to end consumers directly. In the process, the logistics function gets automated with OptimPack (optimising packages for low delivery rates), Live Courier modules (live rates for delivery cost optimisation) and StockLess (dropship even when your supplier does not provide this service). Dropshipping gets transformed to Stockless on AICart. Fret not; if you cannot find dropshippers after searching for dropshipping Spain! Because Stockless facilitates any supplier in Spain who does not deliver products to end consumers directly to become a dropshipper. Here AICart revamps the concept of dropshipping business. The packing list and AWB labels are generated automatically, thus relieving retailers from the burden of shipping from online retailers and suppliers.

Fully Automated Platform- AICart

Neither the retailer nor the supplier is responsible for packing, shipping and other associated logistics tasks. AICart fully automates the whole process making any supplier a dropshipper, and this feature is available on the AICart platform only. It helps online store retailers to find any number of suppliers on the AICart, regardless of whether they dropship or not. While using Optimpack and Live Courier modules, online stores get higher profit margins and accurate shipping rates. Retailers are relieved from including a portion of the delivery rate in the product price. It implies that if you set up your online store business on the AICart platform, you can remain competitive by all means.

Final Thoughts

AICart is simply an advanced version of all existing eCommerce platforms. It enables you to establish an online store or a B2B platform or marketplace where the identity of sellers can be either kept hidden or visible. AICart is also integrated with VIES and HMRC to keep the transactions clean and automatically adjust and generate invoices as and when the billing gets done, based on the VAT status of the parties involved. If a seller is not VAT registered or when a buyer is from an EU member or non-member country or any other billing situation, there would hardly be any issues. Regardless if you find suppliers from dropshipping Spain or any country in the EU or outside the EU, the platform is VIES and HMRC integrated.  If you want to access these unique benefits while enjoying stress-free online retailing, regardless if you are a retailer or a distributor or wholesaler, set up your B2C and B2B eCommerce business on AICart to sell products online. Discover how you can scale sales in markets worldwide using our unique functionalities that no competing platforms can offer. 

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