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Online dropship stores can bring a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs. It is one of the most popular forms of fulfilment models existing in the eCommerce business. If we leave aside all other factors, the dropshipping success has been attributed to low investments to set up while helping to earn reasonable returns. However, that may not help you enough to launch an online dropshipping store in most cases. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur looking to set up a successful online business involving the dropshipping method of fulfilment by partnering with the dropshipping US suppliers, let’s guide you.

1. Select a Niche

The first and foremost step is to select a niche because when you set up an online dropshipping store, the niche products dealt with matter the most. Also, ensure that you continue with the niche business so selected forever unless there is a need for any change. Keep in mind that you must continue with the niche products you have chosen while planning to start an online store. There are many things you need to consider before selecting a niche.

  • Ideal Financial Returns

One such factor is the returns on investment. For opening an online dropshipping store, you need not require to hold any inventory or purchase products in advance. For any product, the effort you put in would be the same, no matter their worth. As a result, it is ideal to go with products that offer the best returns for your online dropship store. 

  • Delivery Rates

Another factor is the shipping costs because such products you have selected should not fall prey to high shipping costs. As we all know, no customer wants to buy products that attract high delivery rates. Eventually, when a customer quits of high shipping charges, it would result in cart abandonment. Wherever the products have higher shipping costs, you have to bear the expenses to offer customers free shipping and thus prevent instances of cart abandonment or customer churn.

  • Finding your Niche

To arrive at the niche products, you want to do business with, you can always rely on the internet looking for the most searched products. Sell something that is not quickly available in the local market. In that way, your online store can attract more customers. Or else, create your online dropshipping store or set up an online marketplace with AICart. Connect to thousands of dropshippers for your niche product so that you don’t either need to bother about holding stock of products or have any concern about shipping costs.

It is easy to import/add products to your online store and, the order details get collected by AICart and, the products are picked, packed and delivered to customer locations. AICart provides the lowest shipping rates for products, as it has partnered with established couriers.

Based on the customer and warehouse location that the customers receive the lowest shipping quote always. It subsequently attracts more and more customers to your dropshipping store. You can go for unique products, rebrand them and opt for custom packaging on the AICart online dropshipping platform; it not only facilitates lower shipping rates but helps earn more customers also.

2. Research Competitive Products

When you sell products, you likely choose dropshippers who deal with products that do not have high competition. However, that might be a sign that they have little demand. You would be competing with eCommerce giants like Amazon, eBay and so on and hence, chances are that you may end up selecting dropshippers with products having no demand at all. Often, the product demand may go down due to high shipping costs or low profitability. Therefore, it is wise to search for products with some competition as it shows they are in high demand and ensures high profitability for your online store in the long run.

3. Get Your Supplier After Careful Consideration

The very next step is to carefully select your dropship supplier from whom you can source the products all the time. Remember, your supplier is an integral part of your business and, without them, it cannot grow. Hence selecting the dropshipping supplier is as significant as the business. Also, you cannot hasten the process, though. There are certain key factors you should look into before deciding to partner with a particular dropshipper for the products you have chosen. First of all, check if the communication with a dropshipper can be intact. Check the speed at which he responds and the location as well. Verify if his business can adapt to your needs, especially when you scale up your operations down the line. If a supplier cannot meet any of these criteria, then conclude that he cannot meet your business needs. Select a dropship supplier who can meet all these key considerations. You do not want to face any issues amid setting up your store.

4. Set Up Your Online Store

If you are tired of looking for a dropshipper, you have an all-in-one solution- the AICart eCommerce, where you can easily set up your online store. Further, you can easily convert it into B2B online reseller platform or online marketplace. You get complete freedom and customise your store to target more customers and earn a fair amount of revenue without much investment. Now that you can find dropshippers from everywhere, you can start selling any competitive products without holding inventory. Hence the investment is nearly zero’, simultaneously during selling products, you can always scale up your profits. Besides, the store owner or the dropshipper has to bear the tasks of packing, shipping tracking and delivery of products. Thanks to the OptimPack, Stockless, Live Courier module and several other delivery management software applications to help each customer access their products at reduced costs. The package, shipping and delivery get optimised with the help of advanced technology involving artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering. The benefit is that one can use this robust platform to create a solid online presence and thus attract more traffic to the store/marketplace, which ultimately results in gaining several customers in a fewer period.

5. Promote Your Online Store

A strong web presence is a great way to entice prospective customers. But that alone wouldn’t be enough, always. Generally, businesses use marketing campaigns to attract more buyers. Relying on social media marketing (SMM) through popular social media network platforms is a good idea. It is easy to grow your business through advertising on social media platforms and offer products directly to targeted customers. The reach would be high and also increase your brand exposure quickly. There are several other options also available for promoting your online store. In fact, in future, you may need to explore the benefits of search engine optimisation (SEO) or use email marketing campaigns that give exclusive offers and discounts. You can take advantage of your existing customers and earn a decent revenue without spending on advertising.

Monitor the Progress

Keep tabs on the performance of your business through tracking metrics with the help of analytics tools. They give insights into the customer acquisitions, the traffic sources through which they have visited your website/ made the purchase and the pages they have interacted with and so forth. Getting to know the details of conversions serve as a great option to grow a business as it helps cut down unnecessary campaigns and save a lot on costs. In addition to this, you can focus on any other alternative method that brought customers to your store. However, there is no ‘one size fits for all’ solution to draw customers; instead, you have to constantly rely on a set of campaigns and promotional activities to keep your business going. And most importantly, monitor them meticulously to see the results achieved that they can provide you with the right insights as to whether the campaigns need to continue or not or to check if it is time to adopt new ones.


There are plenty of eCommerce shopping platforms that lets every prospective entrepreneur start their online business. There is no better way to set up your business on the AICart platform, where one can discover several unique features that are not available on similar competing platforms. From Stockless to OptimPack and Live Courier modules, AICart comes as a complete package and a successful alternative to conventional eCommerce platforms. Connect with, for example, dropshipping US suppliers or those from around the world to source the products you want to sell. Further, one can instantly convert it to a B2B reseller platform or online marketplace or dropshipping platform, whatever you may want to do with it. To get more details on this, visit AIcart.eu. Retailers who have set their store on AICart do not need to hold inventory, nor do they need to ship products. The order management, shipping and logistics services get carried out automatically, allowing retailers to focus on business promotion and sales entirely.

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