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A question to ask, perhaps like many other resellers in Romania, you are tired of asking left and right if anyone knows a supplier that facilitates dropshipping. We also know that most suppliers do not even know what dropshipping is, or many are reluctant to switch to these new methods of marketing products (new to Romania).

AICart is specially designed to eliminate this problem and the whole dropshipping mechanism has been simplified. As the owner of the AICart platform, you need to ask one question to your suppliers: Do you sell per piece?

You do not need to mention anything about dropshipping or any other complicated mechanism. Simply ask for EXW prices (pick-up from supplier) without delivery, without any additional costs.

The platform automatically takes the packages for you and delivers them directly to the end customer based on complex algorithms and to better understand the concept, you can visit the new DropLess StockLess page.

With this new mechanism, you can now sell the goods to anyone without investing in the stock. Easily find companies that have quality products and that you consider not to be promoted well enough. With AICart Marketplace you can also organise entire industries such as hand-made products, personalised products, cosmetics and so on. Industries in which many suppliers operate but without too much knowledge in IT, marketing and promotion.

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