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Finding dropshipping suppliers in Romania can be a difficult job; as they say, you are practically looking for a needle in a hay wagon. Most eCommerce platforms on the Romanian market are not even ready to offer the possibility to owners of online stores or marketplaces to add this type of supplier to their portfolio.

AICart is the only platform built in collaboration with iDropship that allows you to use both dropshipping providers and conventional or own stock suppliers simultaneously.

When you decide to use dropshipping suppliers, they receive the order by e-mail to deliver it to the end customer. If this is not the case, you choose to go for the StockLess concept introduced exclusively on the market by AICart. The supplier then receives the list of products, parcels optimisation and the AWB labels to be placed on the boxes to be picked up by the courier.

Basically, with StockLess, you work on the same principle of dropshipping to sell the goods to others without holding the inventory. But the responsibility of delivery no longer falls on your shoulders or that of the supplier, as it is fully automated using complex algorithms and artificial intelligence.

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