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How to Find Suppliers Using Pictures of Your Competitors
Cum cauti furnizori din site-urile competitorilor tai

In case you didn’t know, your competitors are the best resource to find the products you want to sell, and indeed, for several reasons:

You can see online the quality of pictures and descriptions.

If there are genuine reviews on your competitor’s site, you can always figure out the quality of the products.

You can make some forecasts or predictive analytics regarding the profitability of selling the respective products by comparing the price received from the supplier with the one displayed online by the competitors.

But if you want to see the lowest price on the market for the supplier’s products, we recommend you read: How to find the lowest price for a product.

 If you’re ready, let’s start right away.

Step 1

All you need in the first phase is to select your competitor and the kind of products you want to sell. In this case, we will exemplify a gardening centre in the UK because it is summer and customers are looking for garden grills; we will find out where this gardening centre buys the grills it sells.

Step 2

The next step is to enter the category of products you want to sell.

Step 3

Choose the product.

Step 4

Now you have two options; Look for the SKU code of the product that many do not bother to change or search by product image. To search for the SKU, copy the code and then search for it in Google. If you can’t find the supplier immediately, you can add the word distributor by the SKU code. If you want to search for the picture, right-click on the product and click on Google Search for the image.

Step 5

Google will direct you to the company that distributes the above grill.