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What if instead of putting indicative and risky prices for delivery, you had an integrated system with the best transport gateways in Europe that your customers would instantly see the price for the delivery fee? Why would you want to try to include in the product’s price a part of these delivery fees to make it seem as low as possible when you can have a transparent system which calculates the delivery price for you; instantly, regardless of the location of your customer or warehouse?

Do you want to end up like Amazon or Alibaba but instead offer fixed fees irrespective of what your customer adds to the cart? In the first place, it is unprofessional and secondarily risky because you often can’t accurately calculate the cost of deliveries. You may either end up trying to tax the customer more (and they end up possibly going to competitors where it’s cheaper) or tax it insufficiently and end up paying out of pocket to cover the cost of deliveries.

With the OptimPack module from AICart, we optimise the products in the cart dependent on approximately 30 different criteria’s. The transport price for the resulting packages is automatically received through API directly from a series of transport service providers, so the lowest price is chosen for each shopping cart from couriers such as DHL, DPD, Fan Courier, Urgent Cargus and so on.

We not only display instant prices but, it is also possible to add profit to your online store or marketplace. You can generate AWB tags automatically and tracking is updated directly on the platform.

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