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When can’t you find many dropshippers?
Furnizori drop shipping in Romania

The story of dropshipping in the world begins many years ago in the USA and UK. If we consider dropshipping in Eastern Europe, for example in Romania, it appeared only in 2016 when the first platform called: launched. And since then, it has remained the only one on the market to offer a considerable product portfolio. Although the demand is very high from resellers, those who want to purchase and sell products with the dropshipping business model in Romania is very high (iDropship with over 2000 online stores registered as resellers). Unfortunately, the degree of adoption of this concept among suppliers was not very high.

Selling in a dropshipping system required the supplier to deliver the goods directly to the end customer of the reseller. It seemed that the vast majority of suppliers were not very happy with this concept. Currently, there are only a handful of companies that offer this system.

Although in reality, the sale in the dropshipping system is based on a per item sale plus delivery to the end customer, so with nothing more complicated than a classic sale, many have chosen to avoid this type of collaboration.

Many companies lacked a presentation website to display professional pictures, product descriptions, prices for resellers and PR. Most of them do not understand that when you want to work with resellers, display prices publicly or are either a few tens of per cent higher than you sell, to the reseller or do not sell at all to individuals.

Wonder why you can’t find many dropshipping suppliers across the world? The answer is quite simple: due to the lack of vision, flexibility and education of the bulk of the entrepreneurs. Also, selling in a dropshipping system requires the supplier to have documentation for the solidity of the products it sells, an integrated system for synchronising orders and stocks which, may seem far too complicated for many.