Dropshipping Becomes StockLess

If you are fed up of looking for dropshipping products or suppliers on any market, you should look at the steps by which you can work with StockLess and AICart, the best solution to sell goods to others.

A QUESTION: Do you Sell by Piece?

It's much easier to find StockLess suppliers because they don't even need to understand what it means or take any logistical responsibility. All you have to ask from now on is if they can sell to you per item. They don't need to understand what dropshipping is or how it works or deal with delivery to the end customer. AICart does this for you and them effortlessly.

Unlike the dropshipping business model, StockLess from AICart does not require the supplier to deliver products to the end customer. However, it carries out the tasks in an optimised and intuitive way.

The StockLess algorithm is quite complex; we will continue on the page that some of the criteria AICart considers to replace this outdated mechanism, called dropshipping, with a solution that doesn't cause any hassle: StockLess.

How Does It Work?

Has it ever been easier to start an online store or a marketplace where you can find StockLess suppliers? Now, you can anywhere! Say goodbye to dropshipping!

Unlike dropshipping, where the supplier has to understand the concept, with StockLess, you can buy from anyone as long as they sell per item, no matter where it is.
As an online store owner or a marketplace supplier, you define the location of the warehouse, the working hours and how long before the notification of a new order is sent.
For better, efficient optimisation of the delivery directly from the warehouse to the customer, you can define a series of standard boxes that the supplier uses to pack the products.
Does your supplier have hundreds or thousands of products? No problem, download the CSV template for importing bulk products to the online store that includes all the necessary columns.
Apart from the specific fields of a product addition form, you can also define the logistics (where it is loaded, what dimensions the product has, or add several packages per product).
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